Architect for the ETSAB (School of Architecture) in 1998, the Technical Architect for UIB (University of the Balearic Islands) in 2009. He developed the work of architect, from the immediate start of his career, companies as diverse as professor of design at various schools, architect of the European Urban reviewer, editor of many articles in the magazine DP, and currently member culture and heritage of the province of Mallorca COAIB (Official College of Architects of the Balearic Islands), combined with an array of building works ranging from housing (single family and multifamily) facilities (public and private), reform and rehabilitation of items cataloged.


Architect for the ETSAB (School of Architecture of Barcelona) in 2008. He has worked in the department of ETSAB projects in the research of architecture in the historic environment and social and the ANC (National Archive of Catalonia) in the bottom of the Catalan urban form. Currently works as an Architect in the study of Alfonso Romero.


(1987) Student of Architecture in ETSAB (School of Architecture). Collaboration in the development and implementation of projects in basic studies of Architecture from 2006 to date, and various procedures and computer configurations.


Architect ETSAB 1999. The final project of a building for amateur theater by the University of Lleida, gets the second prize Dragados Catalonia. Scholarship to the Ecole d'Architecture de la Villette in Paris and works in an agency planning and participating in the study areas to stage the Peter Brook Theater Bouffes du Nord. Scholarship for the academic year for drama and reusable space in Barcelona, led by Enric Miralles. From 1993 to 2001 she works in several studies of good professional level. She taught school in several subjects of design, highlighting projects Ephemeral. Currently building projects carried out in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands from the study Ductile graphic design and architecture along with Damian Miro Rotger on developing corporate identities, editorial design, architecture, mounting exhibitions, websites and typography.


Technical architect for EUPB (Technical College of Barcelona). Professor of graphic design layout for two years and teaching since 1996 working in the world of construction. The main tasks have been professional leadership in the execution of building works and diverse public and private education and health and safety coordination, budgeting and budgetary control, as well as collaborations with other direct professionals at project level and on site.


Architect for the USB (Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela) 2003. In 2007 the adquiere qualifications in Spain. In ETSAB, consigue a scholarship in 2001 as a visitor estudiante; posteriormente is specialized in "Urban Form and Territory" and "City, Space and Culture." Posteriormente realized the Master, "approaches to architecture from the historical and social environments." From the year 2005 race studies of PhD in the Department of Projects architectural (ETSAB) where consigue Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA). The work habits are básicos Developed Projects and Implementation at several studios in architecture.


Higher Technical Development and Application of Construction Projects for IESP Mallorca. He has developed his professional career in various companies within the field of construction and within the real estate market. Currently studying Engineering Building at the UIB. (University of the Balearic Islands)


Joan Dalmau Antich (1972). Diploma in Business Studies from the U.I.B. Dedicated to the Business Administration since 1996. He has developed and implemented information systems for the management of several companies, as well as the tools necessary to carry them out.


Architect for the ETSAB (School of Architecture of Barcelona) in 2000. He developed the work of architect, from the immediate start of his career as a collaborative study of architecture Claudio Carmona Alfonso Romero and Mark Vincent Mulet Alabern. At the same time has developed its own building works in his studio in conjunction with the architect of John and Catherine ranging from housing (single family and multifamily) facilities (public), reform and rehabilitation of buildings historic center of Palma.


Diploma in Advertising and Communications for Blue School of Design, Palma de Mallorca. He has two Graduate: Corporate Identity Design at the School Elisava (UPF), Barcelona, ??and typography of the letter to create the Layout Tool School, Barcelona. He has won two design awards LAUS yellow and some of his works have been selected for publication in prestigious publications. Projects and Professor of Communications and Advertising Photomechanicals Blue School of Design, Palma de Mallorca. Co-founder, along with Cottage Mireia Dctil study. This site has been designed with the collaboration of Nacho Lambertini.